The Siren Announcement System is developed in accordance with the military standards for use on land and marine platforms. System function is to perform audio surveillance of the external environment and to make announcements.

The Siren Announcement System transmits the sounds received from the external environment to the internal loudspeaker unit through the microphones installed to the vehicle. Captured sounds pass through digital signal processing and noise filtration algorithms, ensuring that the received sounds are parasitic free and heard by the personnel in the vehicle clearly.

By handheld microphone and the control panel which is installed within the vehicle, the personnel can make announcements/warnings to the outside of vehicle. The sounds are amplified and transmitted to the outside of vehicle via high quality and powerful audio amplifiers using environmentally qualified loudspeakers.

Siren/Warning type and amplitude of the sound broadcast volume can be selected/adjusted from the vehicle control panel. Audio outputs of internal communication system and radio can be connected to the inputs of the ASİSSAS unit. Announcement from the remote command center can be made from any vehicle integrated to system.



  • Outer environment microphone: 2 pcs (IP67 protected) with aluminium body

  • Standards: MIL-STD 810G, MIL-DTL 26482 SAE J1849

  • EMC/EMI standards: MIL-STD 461 Compatible or UN ECE R10

  • Mechanic design: 5083 series aluminium boxing

  • 7 different alarm and warning options: Standard; 7 pcs – Optional; 12 pcs

  • Alarm sound setting: precise control between 0-100%

  • Horn and Warning options. With on-off option

  • Siren start and stop switch: With on-off option

  • Selectable outer audio surveillance and sound setting switch: With on-off option

  • Sirens: Standard; 2 pcs, 100W – Optional; 4 pcs, 100W

  • Cabling: As per the military or automotive standards (optional)

  • Outer microphone frequency response: 200hz. – 5,000 hz.

  • Amplifier frequency response: ± 3 db 300hz–10.000hz.

  • Operating voltage: 12VDC(10.8VDC) or 24VDC (21.5-30VDC)

  • Inner loudspeaker amplifier power: 40W (RMS) audio announcement output power (with a load of 16Ω at 13.6 VDC)

  • Operating Temperature: -40, +70

  • ESD standards: EN61000-4-2, Level 3,8KV air; Level 3, 6KV contact; criteria A